About the Beach Culture
The Beach Culture

The Beach Culture® was founded in 1986 by two high school friends who had the crazy idea that as teenagers they could create fun, comfortable, fashionable, activewear for people passionate about the beach that didn't look like everything else on the market. Their first product was The Original Surf Scrubs™, an adaptation of medical scrub shirts. The Beach Culture's Surf Scrubs™ line was a success beyond the duo's wildest expectations with surf shops and activewear retailers quickly signing-on to become authorized Surf Scrubs™ dealers and press from around the country covering new new surf and beach line including The Baltimore Sun and New York Newsday.

Today, we're still focused on creating designs and products that are a little different and that aim to capture that certain something that lets us express our own idea of the beach. it's an idea that is about individuality and community at the same time. It's an idea that we call The Beach Culture® and it makes us yearn for the beach when we're not there and passionate about it when we are.

It's about you. It's about us. The Beach Culture®.